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Why RILAs?

Get to Know RILAs

Solutions for Addressing Market Volatility and Longevity Risk

Retirees today face a two-fold challenge. Not only are they concerned about how market downturns can impact their ability to retire comfortably; they also need to find solutions that can ensure their savings outlast the reality of a 20 to 30+ year retirement span. You can help them address market volatility and longevity risk with a RILA solution.

The solution: A RILA can help provide upside potential for those seeking growth, while providing protection or limited downside risk/return for those seeking safety. RILAs offer more growth potential than fixed or fixed index annuities, but with less risk than variable annuities.


Where Do RILAs Land in the Investment Risk/Return Profile?


Understanding RILA Growth & Protection Strategies

Taking advantage of market growth while reducing exposure to risk can be achieved in different ways through floors, buffers, and downside participation rates.


Here’s how it works: The level of protection determines the overall potential return of the annuity. More downside protection will limit the cap or participation rate; less downside protection translates to a higher cap or participation rate on the upside. Keep in mind these strategies can be combined several ways, based on the overall level of risk tolerance of the client.


RILA Snapshot

Five Benefits of RILAs

Take advantage of market growth based on the performance of an index or indexes.

Reduce exposure to market downturns by limiting downside risk.

Tax deferral to grow money faster.

Income solutions to fuel a 20 to 30+ year retirement.

Leave a legacy for loved ones.

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